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Welcome to the One World Ventrue Wiki. It is currently locked up tightly as we are in the process of building it. It will Host the Directory of All the Ventrue of One World by Night. Information put here is Out of Character, however you shouldn't place any information here which in sensitive or secret.

Feel free to Submit Ideas and Feedback to Wiki Admin.

To start your character page, please go to the Page Template and follow the instructions.

To create an account please submit your information to: Account Creation Submission

New wiki page request form!

If you really don't want to create an account, you can go to the new simplified wiki page form, and one of the volunteers will try to get around to adding your Ventrue to the wiki. Please note, however, that it's still a lot easier for you to request a wiki account and add the page yourself. It allows you to tinker a great deal more with your page.  :)

Legal Obligation

White Wolf Some materials Copyright and Trademarked by CCP.

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