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Directorate Western and Central Europe, Iberia, and the Mediterranean
Position Justicar
House None
Player Ventrue Coordinator



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Apparent Age: Late Teens

Year of Embrace: Unknown

Concept: Hunter-Killer

Physical description: Innocent looking with intense deadly eyes. She is always dressed in business suits of the most current fashions and is always seen with gloved hands, without exception.

Source: This NPC is a canon White Wolf character.

Source Information

For more information about this NPC, please see the following source(s):

  • Cb-Ve
  • CotN,p49
  • GttC,p27
  • EV,p108
  • tRS,p40

Character Information

In-character, very little is known about Lucinde's background. She was embraced by the Severus who was once Justicar himself. Lucinde sits as Ventrue Justicar, elected in 2004 (1998 in the canon material)

Out-of-character, Lucinde is the Ventrue Justicar and an Alastor. She always wears gloves to conceal the 'mark of the beast', a trophy sigil given to Alastors. Should be Red Alastor for capturing and staking Genina, which she gave to the Inner Circle.

Sect Information

This NPC is the current Justicar for Clan Ventrue and claims permanent residence in Berlin.

See her Camarilla wiki page for more information.

Sect Status x12 (any Merits or Flaws here)

  • Individual Staus will be below, designated with asterisks

Clan Prestige

Clan Prestige (Dignitas) x6



Arakur of Ur (4) [~3000 BC] {3000 BC}

  • Tiamat (5/4) [3028 BC]
    • Severus (5) [Between 220 BC and 476 AD]
      • Lucinde (6) [1656 AD]


  • None


  • None


  • Justicar Lucinde requires no other “title” than Justicar
  • Justicar Lucinde suffers from a debilitating mental illness
  • Justicar Lucinde expects others to follow strict protocols when presenting themselves. Some of these guidelines and procedures are as follows:
    • No one is allowed to touch the Justicar. The Justicar does not shake hands, or kiss a lady's cheek.
    • Any presents for the Justicar are accepted by her Archons
    • No Caitiff may approach the Justicar
    • No one may ever interrupt the Justicar
    • No kindred of less than 9 Status is allowed to look the Justicar directly in the eye
    • Kindred of 1 Status do not speak to the Justicar unless spoken to
    • Kindred of 2-7 status may address the Justicar as "the Justicar Lady Lucinde"
    • Kindred of 8 Status or higher may address the Justicar as "Justicar Lucinde"
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Justicar's Office