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Current Edicts

Justicar Lucinde

Removed Edicts

Justicar Robert Pedder

012501-226 Recognized Positions

To: The Camarilla

From: Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 25 January 2001

Re: Directive 012501-226/Pardon

The following positions (Keeper of the Gate, Sentinel, Magistrate, Lord Arcanum, Lore Master, Liaison and Knights of the Smith, etc.) are not recognized universally by the Camarilla. The Camarilla affirms the right of Princes to create and award titles and positions within their domain. Any additional stature afforded these position holders must be awarded through traditional protocol and is not innate. Only universally recognized Camarilla positions carry innate additional stature.

The Camarilla affirms the right of Princes to award sections of territory to individual Kindred (re: Marin County). Princes retain the right to reclaim such territory at any time conditional upon their ability to enforce their will. (ref: Directive 041500-174/Domain)

There is a difference between individual Kindred holding small swaths of territories and a Camarilla Prince. That difference should have been apparent both to "Prince" Peter Cole and "Seneschal" Hans Van Kruger. Both individuals will forfeit stature in our society (OOC: two status) for wasting the time of the Justicarate with such foolishness. Should "Prince" Cole and "Seneschal" Van Kruger choose to willingly sacrifice more it will be taken as a gesture of good faith and vice versa.

012501-225 Pardon

To: The Camarilla

cc: Clan Giovanni

From: Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 25 January 2001

Re: Directive 012501-225/Pardon

The blood hunts on Jack Sheridan and Tony Caparello of Clan Giovanni in Indianapolis are hereby rescinded. It would be a gesture of extreme goodwill were the Elders of Clan Giovanni to discipline these two Kindred immediately and internally.

112400-223 Primogen

To: The Camarilla

From: Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 24 November 2000

Re: Directive 112400-223/Primogen

Like hand and glove, so are the Prince and Primogen Council.

The Primogen Council is a representative assembly of the Elders in the city. The Prince can refuse to admit a Primogen to this assembly. The Primogen Council can refuse to recognize a Clan’s representative to the assembly. No Prince or Primogen Council is required to accept a Primogen that is "elected." One is or is not the oldest and most powerful representative of one’s clan in the domain. If the Clan and Primogen Council can be made to accept it, a Prince can also be Primogen.

The Primogen Council convenes at the Prince’s pleasure in the same way that Princes often rule at the pleasure of the Primogen Council.

OOC: TT VTM pgs. 26-38, TT Guide to the Camarilla pgs. 28-29

101800-219 Ordeal Lifted

To: The Camarilla

From: Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 18 October 2000

Re: Directive 101800-219/Ordeal Lifted

he Ordeal on the Domain of Baltimore is hereby lifted.

090700-209 Justin Moore

To: The Camarilla

From: Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 07 September 2000

Re: Directive 090700-209/Justin Moore

In the end, before it was diablerized -- a process that only further invalidated its theory on "free will", "individuality" and "the soul" -- what was left of the Kindred formerly known as Justin Moore was compelled to admit that its beliefs, elegant in their simplicity, could not withstand rigorous testing.

The shadow of my vengence has passed over Indianapolis for now.

082700-208 Execution

To: The Camarilla

From: Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 27 August 2000

Re: Directive 082700-208/Execution

For her interference with my Archons at the Cincinnati Ball, the Prince of Muir, companion and mentor to Alistair Murdoch of Clan Ventrue, was sentenced to Final Death and diablerized.

The argument had been raised by members of Clan Brujah that mental reprogramming is a fate worse than death. The former Prince of Muir, in her final moments, disagreed.

082700-207 Conclave

To: The Camarilla

From: Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 27 August 2000

Re: Directive 082700-207/Conclave

A Conclave will be held in the Domain of Washington DC on October 20th through 22nd. The subject of the Conclave is the future of Clan Giovanni's relationship with the Camarilla. All Kindred in good standing and Kindred of Clan Giovanni are welcome to attend. Ammendments to Clan Giovanni's agreements with the Camarilla will not be enacted into law without final approval from both the Inner Council and Elders of Clan Giovanni. Come armed only with your best proposals, arguments, and evidence. Other issues may be addressed as time permits. Opportunity to socialize shall be provided for those Kindred who wish to absent themselves from the proceedings.

(OOC: Disclaimer --

No change to the Cam-Giovanni neutrality agreement from WW background will be made without the approval of Stuart (Giovanni Coordinator), the ST list and the OWBN Council. This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to advance your particular pet objective (Giovanni domain over the Shadowlands, execution of all Giovanni, etc. etc. etc.). Make the most of it. Proposals will be judged on feasibility, role-play, sneakiness, preparedness and other such qualities. For those of you who find Conclave's boring, you will not be locked into a room for hours on end. There will be plenty of other activities going on to keep you occupied. If you do something stupid like attack the Justicar, a Giovanni Elder, or try and blow up the Elysium, your character will be put to Final Death. Reread that last sentence. Yes, it applies to YOU. If either the Camarilla or Giovanni PC's bungle this opportunity they may end up with an agreement not to their liking so prepare, prepare, prepare. Now is a good time to do all that sneaky stuff (Mesmerisms, cashing in boons, buying off enemies, etc.) that make Vampire so much fun to play. "Save-the-date" posts have already been put out and more details will be made available as the date gets closer. Have fun.


-- Frank --)

081200-205 Tarot Card Zero

To: The Camarilla

From: Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 12 August 2000

Re: Directive 081200-205/Tarot Card Zero

Duty demands that insurrections within the Camarilla be stamped out wherever they occur. Those who have grievance with the Elders would be wise to keep their comments private, their confidants few, and their behavior circumspect. This lesson will be administered repeatedly until it is learned.

For attempting to bring two clans and their Justicars to the brink of war, and as a peace offering against further action, Clan Tremere shall deliver Regent Darien Von Stukov to me for immediate punishment. Clan Tremere may send a representative to oversee the administration of said punishment.

Every Primogen in the domain of Humboldt is hereby stripped of two status (OOC: assuming they have enough status to lose) for their error in judgement in supporting Regent Stukov, self proclaimed "Speaker for the Primogen Council," in leading an insurrection within his own Clan and the Camarilla. Primogen worldwide take note. If Regent Stukov was lying, then the Primogen of the domain of Humboldt are free to take issue with Clan Tremere.

As this is the second time that Kindred of the domain of Humboldt have challenged the Justicarate, Prince Romanov is hereby stripped of all status save acknowledged and positional. Exercise your authority as Prince over your citizens or lose it. Princes whose citizens challenge the Justicarate may face similar punishment.

Regent Von Stukov's comments that he enjoys the favor of Justicar Masako and that Clan Tremere's agenda is to exert control over all the other clans (see below) are *clearly* the ravings of a madman and should be discounted.

(OOC: Pedder received an original copy of this letter. It was not intercepted from the Tremere list, copied, or extracted via Telepathy or Dominate. Tremere players wishing to pursue the leak will be put in touch with the appropriate ST's. Aloha, -- Frank --)

Darien Von Stukov wrote:

Then that means I was not THE only Tremere that the Cur that is pedder has dared lift a hand against!!!!!!! Well It only takes one for this Regent to side with... I stand alongside (deleted) in support of his decision... pedder has tried to put an end to one too many Tremere if he has threatened one of us , let alone Two of us, then I will support any and all actions to see that he is put to a Halt...

I may have misled you all but I am looked on by Justicar Masako Favorably and for that I am privy to a great deal of Information... If it were not for me personally getting involved with The Brujah Eldar Eldrick Mac Fion who was mentally turned inside out this whole war would not really be going on.... As far as the laws of the Camarilla in going against a Justicar the cur that is pedder needs to be stopped. We helped found the camarilla so that there was more control over every other clan... At this point it would seem to me that pedder has had too much power and has gotten sickened by it... I personally think that his sickness should end in the same way that he enforces!!!! If any would ask of me please contact me personally! (dvstukov@hotmail.com)

Regent Darien Von Stukov

Fifth Circle Regent House Dosia

Tremere Primogen

Loremaster of Humboldt County

Speaker for the Primogen Council

Status: 6 (rank is all that matters)

081200-204 Icarus

To: Prince Justin Moore, Clan Brujah, Domain of Indianapolis

cc: The Camarilla

From: Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 12 August 2000

Re: Directive 081200-204/Icarus

Princes will not be permitted to lead Kindred into rebellion against their Elders in the Camarilla. Princes are the Camarilla's "generals-in-the-field"; our front line defense against the many enemies of our Great Society. Because Princes can go bad, the Founders of the Camarilla, (mandarin here) "Praise be their eternal wisdom" (back to English) established Justicars and Archons.

I hold dominion over you. For example: You are hereby stripped of all status save acknowledged and positional. Even your own Elders, private objections aside, concede the wisdom of our Great Society and the authority of its agents.

The clarity of your position negates the need for further discussion. If you are still Prince of Indianapolis on September 30th, I will preside over a Conclave in your domain to review your fitness as Prince. Expect no mercy. To herald my arrival on that night, the Kindred of Indianapolis are to fill the longest straight, uninterrupted street of Indianapolis with blood -- Kindred and Kine -- to a depth of one inch. Lack of volume will be made up with contributions taken directly from the Kindred populace of Indianapolis. Responsibility for concealing this river of blood from the mortals will be the responsibility of the Kindred of Indianapolis. Failure punishable by Final Death.

Should you be removed as Prince before that night and delivered to me intact, the Conclave shall be cancelled.

Mental alteration is not the worst thing that can happen to a Kindred, Prince Moore.

OOC: Source Material:

LOTN: Guide to the Camarilla p. 105 "...others simply select the harshest punishment they can justify, trusting that it will discourage any further offenses....."

LOTN: Guide to the Camarilla p. 105 - 106 "... -- the situation escalates. One or more of the Camarilla's justicars may enter the picture. Such a monumentous event is usually terrifying for all Cainites in the affected city, since justicars are empowered to use whatever means are necessary to protect the Camarilla and have the power to do so....a situation made easier by the near-universal desire of the vampiric populace to avoid the attention of the justicar."

TT Guide to the Camarilla p. 27 "In the end though, justicars are regarded with awe and fear. Their wrath is terrible, and their power is immense. No Kindred dares to refuse them, even if it aids in that vampire's own destruction. They stride the Camarilla like colossi, and the shadow they cast is long indeed."

TT Vampire the Masquerade (latest edition) p. 66 "Many vampires, elders and younglings alike, resent the power the justicars wield, and certainly none care for the abuses that can come with it. However, very few would dream of openly taking them on, due to their immense age and resources."

On Wed, 9 Aug 2000 23:08:08 -0500 "Justin Moore" [rlmatthews@hotmail.com] writes:

And finally. To his Celestial Eminence and Tai Pan, Robert Pedder

Simple observation for simple minds: You serve the Camarilla, it does not serve you. I swore allegiance to a set of ideals, not a tyrant wallowing in the depths of denial who would simply scare people into silence. Status does not make truth, and you will never be able to change that.

"The two aims of the Party are to conquer the whole surface of the Earth and to extinguish once and for all the possibility of independent thought."

Not bad for somebody who died in 1950. Perhaps you should read it. It would probably be better if you didn't though. I'm surprised you haven't had every copy you can find burned "Big Brother".

My mind remains free, and I'll never bend my knee to you.

Justin Moore

King of the Playground

Prince of Indianapolis

080500-203 Sanctuary

Crates are shipped to each Ventrue Directorate with several mass produced statues (crafts-1) inside packed in newspaper. Each statue (1’ x 1’) is a replica of a famous larger statue showing Caine murdering Abel and has a baseplate that reads "Genesis 4:9". There are enough for every Ventrue of each Directorate. Postmarks on the exterior of the crate shows that it has been routed through Fargo, Gary, DC, Cincinnati, London and Humboldt. When the word "caine" is applied as the encryption key to an article on religious-inspired art in the newspaper used to pack the statues, the following message is revealed:

To: Clan Ventrue

From: Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 05 August 2000

Re: Directive 080500-203/Sanctuary

Any Ventrue may request sanctuary with a fellow Ventrue and such requests cannot be refused. Aid is commonly offered before such requests are made. Better to keep a clanmate out of trouble than to succor her while she’s in trouble.

Ventrue who are blood hunted, banished, or shunned demonstrate a failure of both the individual and the Clan.

You are your brother’s keeper.

(OOC: It’s a given that this does not apply to Ventrue antitribu.)

080100-201 Helmut Wolfe

To: The Camarilla

From: Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 01 August 2000

Re: Directive 080100-201/Helmut Wolfe

The investigative hearing into Helmut Wolfe of Clan Nosferatu has been concluded. The blood hunts against Helmut Wolfe in the Domains of Winnipeg and Fargo are upheld. Helmut Wolfe did not kill Dominic Jacobi of Clan Setite and has been released into the custody of Prince Medea of Clan Toreador and the Domain of Kenosha.

Princes and Harpies take note.

073100-200 Cincinnati Ball

To: The Camarilla

From: Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 31 July 2000

Re: Directive 073100-200/Cincinnati Ball

Prince Alaistair Murdoch of Clan Ventrue and the Domain of Cincinnati willingly left his domain to participate in an investigative hearing on allegations by and against him. This investigative hearing does not constitute a removal of Alaistair Murdoch as Prince of Cincinnati.

Helmut Wolfe of Clan Nosferatu of the Domain of Kenosha, blood hunted in the domains of Winnipeg and Fargo (OOC: blow etiquette if I named the wrong cities), willingly accompanied me out of the Domain of Cincinnati to participate in an investigative hearing into the allegations against him.

Archon Nadolski in service to the Office of the Ventrue Justicar was released by Her Excellency Justicar Masako.

A brief Conclave was convened to review the blood hunts against Michael Kensington of Clan Ventrue. Seven Clan Elects spoke for the Assembly. The decision of the Clan Elects to overturn all blood hunts against Mr. Kensington (OOC: blow etiquette if name is spelled wrong) was ratified by both Justicars in attendance. Mr. Kensington was stripped of all status save acknowledged and positional, publicly admonished, and is to be held henceforth to the highest standards of conduct as a recipient of my mercy. Harpies of the Camarilla take note.

Those Kindred who proffered generous tokens of respect and obedience were noted and hold favor in my eyes. Those who did not, squandereding the opportunity to advance their fortunes, were likewise noted. Those of low station who held my eyes with impunity and did not avert their gaze were punished swiftly.

The disquieting tendency of the assembled Kindred to form a mob; specifically a mob surrounding two Justicars and their Archons was noted.

As the Balkans are to Europe so is the Midwest to the Camarilla. My visit to Cincinnati was not a social one. Those Kindred who will go on to become the next Connur du Shae or Arcades Daemos were spotted in that mob, assassins who would contest the unbroken rule of the Elders, inevitably daring an attack on members of the Justicarate or their Archons. When you do, we shall be there waiting, patiently, at the end of the downward spiral. As the Elders have always been. As we will always be.

062600-196 Infection

A package routed around the world and bearing the faint impression of Pedder's seal among the postmarks arrives at the HQ of each Ventrue Directorate. Inside is a dead human fetus floating in a formaldehyde solution in a *very* elegant sealed decanter. If the umbilical cord is examined, a rolled up hand written scroll will be found. The text is Mandarin Chinese and requires heightened senses or a strong magnifying glass to read

To: Clan Ventrue

From: Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 26 June 2000

Re: Directive 062600-196 / Infection

Victor Stein of Cleveland is infected with the Vicissitude disease. The source of the infection was the "loyal" members of Clan Tzimisce who offered to teach their "gift." An embryonic entity with telepathic ability under Tzimisce control was discovered inside Stein's chest. It resisted removal.

As his infection is in the advanced stage and resists treatment, Stein will not be returning as Prince of Cleveland.

062400-195 The Caitiff Dialogues

To: The Camarilla

From: Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 24 June 2000

Re: Directive 062400-195 / The Caitiff Dialogues

Q. How should Caitiff be treated?

A. Treat them as you would your own slaves.

Q. Should Caitiff be killed?

A. Caitiff exist at the pleasure of their Prince.

Q. Why are Caitiff looked down upon?

A. Caitiff have neither lineage nor representation on the Inner Council to their credit.

Q. Aren’t hardworking and loyal Caitiff entitled to better treatment?

A. Caitiff who fail to please their Prince die. That is their incentive and reward.

Q. But why should Caitiff be treated like second class citizens?

A. Caitiff did not contribute to the foundation of the Camarilla, end the Anarch Revolt, or extinguish the fires of the Inquisition.

Q. Why not judge all Kindred on their own merits?

A. Holding Caitiff in equal or higher regard devalues the four centuries of sacrifice and committment made by the Kindred of the Seven Clans.

Q. Isn’t that’s unfair?

A. Such is their lot in life. Life among the Damned is rarely fair.

Q. How many Caitiff are there?

A. Too many.

Q. Is it true that some Caitiff can walk about by day and give birth?

A. No.

Q. Is it true that some Caitiff are so thin blooded they can no longer pass along the curse?

A. Yes.

Q. Is it true that Caitiff are considered a clan by the Sabbat?

A. No. The Sabbat rebels use such stories as bait. Caitiff converts are diablerized by Sabbat rebels in demonic rituals.

Q. The Book of Nod says that a Caitiff Prince prefigures Gehenna.

A. Caitiff cannot be Prince under the rulings of the 1998 Chicago Conclave. Camarilla law is not based on superstitious mysticism.

OOC: Source material

VTM TT revised p. 31

VTM TT Dark ages p 34

VTM TT Guide to the Camarilla 54-55

Time of Thin Blood (all of it)

062300-194 Scourges

To: The Camarilla

From: Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 23 June 2000

Re: Directive 062300-194 / Scourges

Scourges are recognized as legitimate Camarilla officers carrying additional status within our Great Society. (OOC LOTN: R p. 220/TT Time of Thin Blood p. 63) Appoint them where necessary.

062300-193 Rumor

To: The Camarilla

From: Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 23 June 2000

Re: Directive 062300-193 / Rumor

The Camarilla does not recognize the existence of mythological beings known as "Antediluvians" or "Caine."

(OOC: VTM TT latest edition p. 44)

The Camarilla claims hegemony over all Kindred. There is no such sect as "the Sabbat."

(OOC: VTM TT latest edition p. 44)

As there are no such things as "Antediluvians" there can never be a time in Kindred history known as "Gehenna."

There are no such thing as "Gehenna cults" as the Camarilla does not recognize the existence of Antediluvians or Gehenna; a necessary foundation for any such gathering.

Likewise the ongoing prank known as "The Book of Nod" is discredited on the same principles.

Rumors of "Final Nights" are a hysteric millenial heresy. By their very nature, such rumors imply that the Camarilla can or will soon end. Harpies are encouraged to be harsh on those espousing such treasonous views.

060200-184 Obedience

To: The Camarilla

From: Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 2 June 2000

Re: Directive 060200-184 / Obedience

Before his execution, Moon-Over-Horizon of Clan Gangrel, Prince of Seattle had the following to say:

"I thank the Justicars for pointing out the error of my ways. I was wrong to show disrespect to my Elders; wrong to challenge their will. I go now to my Final Death proud that my final moments have been in the service of the Camarilla. I give my life to erase the sin of my dishonor.

Let all the Camarilla hear my words: Obey the Elders. Know your place. Honor your sires and the Traditions. Kill any who deal with the Sabbat. Drive the Caitiff and Anarchs from your cities. The young must be brought to heel.

To those who would put pen to paper and write hasty words to Elders who have seen empires rise and fall, I say this: abase yourself before your betters. Let their wrath fall swift and sure upon the arrogant and foolish. Anything less than perfect obedience and humility is anarchy.

And finally, to my good friend Prince Cross of Sacramento, I beg you to heed my words: turn back from this path of madness. Embrace the wisdom of the Elders and challenge them no further. Perfect obedience is perfect wisdom."

Moon-Over-Horizon died with honor this first night of June in the Year of Our Lord two thousand. Let his final words take hold in your hearts:

"Perfect obedience is perfect wisdom. Anything less than perect obedience and humility is anarchy."

053100-183 Clarification

To: Byrd Mann

Clan Toreador

cc: The Camarilla

From: Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 31 May 2000

Re: Directive 053100-183 / Clarification

There is a master of the house.

There is a steward of the house.

Do not confuse the two.

Each shall know their place.


Directive 011600-151/Bloodhunts

Directive 041500-174/Domain

On Wed, 31 May 2000 01:08:34 -0500 "Mark 'Byrd' Brantner" [ byrdman@ripco.com ] writes:

Wise words, indeed. The Lawyers will have a field day though, as to what constitutes 'leave'. To Myself, not being overly bright - especially compared to a Justicar, it looks like if a Prince visits another domain, he/she has given up the right to be Prince while gone and that praxis can be declared by anyone in his/her absence.

While I suppose it's true, I fear that the future result will be more overturn of principes than has been previously experienced in the colonies.

I guess you just have to be a strong Prince, if you wish to visit another Prince and return as Prince.

Personally, I'd be scared to death to ask for a clarification on this ruling. Anyone got the nerve to petition for a clarification?


Original Message -----
From: "Nemoria Rossini" [ nemoria@yahoo.com ]

To: [ owbn-cam@egroups.com ]; [ owbn@owbn.org ]; [ shadowsonthemall@egroups.com ]

Cc: [ harpy-council@egroups.com ]

Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2000 10:52 PM

Subject: [SotM] Report from Vienna Conclave; 29 May, 2000

To: Members of the Camarilla

From: Nemoria Rossini, Grand Harpy, Washington, DC, and Head of the Mid Atlantic Harpy Council

Regarding: Report on the Conclave in Vienna on 29 May, 2000


Ladies and Gentlemen, Esteemed Notables,

On 29 May of the year 2000, a Conclave was called in Vienna by His Dread Excellency, Pontifex of the 1st Circle of Mysteries, Malaphar to review the issue of the Ordeal of Sir Sexton Ignatius Marlowe Spencer Hardcastle of the Domain of Washington, DC.

Those present included the following Kindred: His Excellency, Justicar Malaphar, His Celestial Eminence, the Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder, Prince Sebastian Alexander Crosse of Washington, DC, Grand Harpy Nemoria Rossini of Washington, DC, and Sir Sexton Hardcastle, of Washington, DC. All Kindred were afforded the gracious hospitality of Justicar Malaphar for the duration of the Conclave.

The Conclave was convened shortly into the evening, and the following issues are brought forth for public review:

By decree of His Excellency, Justicar Malaphar, the matter of Sir Sexton Hardcastle's Ordeal is resolved, and Sir Hardcastle is hence no longer under Ordeal.

Also, during the course of the Conclave, Justicar Malaphar addressed the issue of the Seneschal's (and by association, the Prince's) role in a Camarilla Domain.

He had the following to say, and I place His words here for the edification of all, as they carry much wisdom.


"Even though [one acting as the Seneschal] has the "power" of a Prince, they do not have true right. No seneschal should be carrying out the rights of the Prince of a domain. This is no law, just a rule. A Seneschal is the eyes and ears of the Prince; sometimes the arms. They, however, are not the Elder.

Issues that occur during a true Prince's absence may be contained and may await the return of the Prince of the Domain, who is the rightful master of the Domain. As such, any Prince who leaves his Seneschal in "charge" leaves his "name" in the Seneschal's hands. If the Seneschal breaks the Law, the Prince's name is ruined also.

If I am called to a domain for any reason, and find a Seneschal has destroyed our sacred Traditions, the Prince will also have to answer for such. Being "out of town" is inexcusable. We all must travel at times. Accept that and make sure everything is secure before the Elder leaves.

As far as I'm concerned, one is either a Prince or member of the domain. One does not *ever* "act as the Prince." If an Elder [namely the Prince] deems it necessary to leave his domain, then he gives up his right as Elder of that domain. Another worthy of the position shall take the responsibility."


That concludes the issues brought forth in this Conclave. So it has been reported, as is my duty and honour to serve. If any have queries regarding the above information, do not hesitate to contact me.

Ever in Loyal Service to the Camarilla,

~ Nemoria Rossini

Grand Harpy of Washington, DC

Head of the Mid Atlantic Harpy Council

Clan of the Moon

Status: 6 [+5]

*Acknowledged by Queen Anne of London

Considered *Cherished by Anna Nevermore, Former Malkavian Primogen of Washington, DC for devotion to the Domain and the Camarilla

Named *Dedicated in her service to the Camarilla by Prince Sebastian Crosse of Washington, DC

Deemed *Trustworthy by Former Prince Sexton Hardcastle of Northern Virginia

Recognized as *Adored by Prince Sebastian Crosse of Washington, DC

Known to be *Influential in her Position as Grand Harpy

*Backed by the Reputation of the 5 Current Primogen of the District

(Malkavian Prestige: 4

Toreador Prestige: 1

Ventrue Prestige: 1 (*Friend))

052100-181 Gangrene

To: The Camarilla

From: Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 21 May 2000

Re: Directive 052100-181 / Gangrene

"Their sins are thine to endure."

The Tradition of Accounting

As it was written over 500 years ago, so shall it be now. By my hand, this twenty-first night of May in the Year of our Lord two thousand, Ripper Jack, sire of Malice of Clan Malkavian, has been put to Final Death.

Princes of the New World remember this night well. Elders of the Clans keep this wisdom in your hearts and upon your tongues. If there arises among you a Cainite of great wickedness do not suffer them to live. Nor the childer or progenitor of the wicked one. Break the branch and the fruit withers.

Sires take your childer in hand or your head shall join theirs on my table.

051500-181 Technology

To: The Camarilla

From: Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 15 May 2000

Re: Directive 051500-181 / Technology

I consider audio and video recordings of Masquerade-sensitive information (showing the usage of disciplines, discussing clans and policy, etc.) to be a breech of the Masquerade and will henceforth punish Kindred accordingly who send me such.

Status and evidence are the determining factors of guilt or innocence.

The official Camarilla policy on such recordings will be determined at a future Conclave. Date to be announced.

051500-182 Arcades Daemos

To: The Camarilla

From: Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 15 May 2000

Re: Directive 051500-182 / Arcades Daemos

The global blood hunt on Arcades Daemos of Clan Tremere has been been completed.

051200-180 Prestation

The following message is included in a savings account bank book c. 1935-43 showing that the account holder squandered a rather significant balance. Message is sent only to the American and South Pacific Directorates

To: Clan Ventrue

From: Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 12 May 2000

Re: Directive 051200-180 / Prestation

Several matters of unpaid debts by members of Clan Ventrue have been elevated to my attention. Pay your debts, even if the debt is not your own. The reputation of the clan is the responsibility of every member.

051200-178 Two Strikes

To: Clan Ventrue

From: Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 12 May 2000

Re: Directive 051200-178 / Two Strikes

Eden Tryst, recently of the Domain of Tampa, has been put to Final Death for mistakenly claiming to be an operative of this office and for having been forced to commit diablerie.

Two strikes and you're out.

050800-177 Final Death

To: The Camarilla

From: Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 08 May 2000

Re: Directive 050800-177 / Final Death

William Prescott, Sabbat traitor of Clan Nosferatu (nee "Nick"), has been put to Final Death.

Victor Gauss, rogue thaumaturgist of Clan Tremere, has been put to Final Death.

Your cities shall drown in rivers of blood before my work is done.

050200-176 Vicissitude

To: Clan Ventrue

From: Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 02 May 2000

Re: Directive 050200-176 / Vicissitude

Tzimisce are carriers of the disease known as "Vicissitude." Infection causes madness, moral corruption, physical dissolution and ultimately: death. The plague is spread through intimate blood sharing with infected carriers. The primary carriers of the disease are the Clans of the Sabbat and their supporters.

The infected show the following documented tendencies: lawlessness, increased aggression, physical mutuation to avoid Camarilla justice (after periods of lawlessness and increased aggression), and finally a mad desire to suborn Camarilla justice by mutuating the forms of others -- through which the disease is spread to a new carrier and the cycle repeats itself.

041500-174 Domain

To: The Camarilla

From: Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 15 April 2000

Re: Directive 041500-174 / Domain

If you can hold it, it is yours.

If you claim it and cannot hold it, you are subject to the Second Tradition.

040700-172 Giovanni Accords

A book of black and white 1954 photographs of the Italian landscape is mailed to Prince Crosse's front company through the usual convoluted channels. Page 172, dated 7 April shows a dead dog lying on the side of the road. In the background is a signpost with a vaguely knobbish attachment at the top. If the sign print is read with a magnifying glass, the following message is revealed

Re: Directive 040700-172 / Giovanni Accords

Your issues are my issues. Carry on.

The Inner Council has ultimate authority in this matter.

On Thu, 6 Apr 2000 16:05:47 -0700 (PDT) Sebastian Crosse [sebastian_crosse@yahoo.com]; writes:

> Proposal: A Call for Conclave to Discuss the Flagrant and Repeated

> Violations of the Accords of 1528 by Clan Giovanni in North America


> My fellow Princes of the Camarilla,


> As many of you know, I have been compiling information for many

> weeks

> now on violations of the Giovanni Accords of 1528 in the Domains of

> the

> Camarilla from those who are willing to put their name and standing

> to

> said information. With the recent outbursts by one Don Antonio

> Giovanni, I believe that I now have sufficient information.


> I now ask that you all, my peers and rulers of the various Domains

> of

> North America, band together to lend me aid in seeking the advice of

> our superiors, the Justicariate. As this matter may indeed be one

> that

> requires a full and formal Conclave to discuss the charges and make

> judgements, I wish to present this petition to the Secretariate of

> each

> Justicar (or suitable representative) for review and recommendation.


> If said personages do agree, then we shall have a formal Conclave to

> discuss the remedies to this situation Camarilla-wide, as is proper.


> Those who will be willing to stand with me, to lend me the weight of

> your voice in this matter, please speak now. My Harpy, Nemoria

> Rossini

> ((OOC: nemoria@yahoo.com)) stands ready to track the standing. Your

> own Harpies are ready.


> It is time now for we, the leaders of the Camarilla Domains, to band

> together and begin solving this problem.


> Sebastian Crosse

> Prince of Washington, D.C.

> Clan Ventrue

> Acknowledged, Honorable, Loyal, Just, Loyal, Trustworthy, Exalted,

> Famous, Well-known

032800-166 Mason Lang

To: Clan Ventrue

From: Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 28 March 2000

Re: Directive 032800-166 / Mason Lang

A moment of silence shall be observed by Clan Ventrue on the 27th night of March in honor of Mason Lang's sacrifice. By my hand he is posthumously declared a Peer of the Clan; holding the prestige of "heroic."

Clansmen of Ventrue,

It is my unfortuneate duty to inform the members of clan Ventrue of the loss of Mason Lang. Mr. Lang expired March 27, 2000 in defense of city, Prince, and negotiation. During this eve Mr. Lang fought with entities from beyond the grave and supposed demons. It seems quite unusual that during supposed peaceful negotiation with the Giovanni the wraithly activity increase 4 fold and took Mr. Lang from the arms of his kinsmen. I ask that for his actions all of clan Ventrue spare a somber moment.

I also humbly request that his Eminence grant the postemus honor and respect to Mr. Lang for his pursuit of the ideals of clan ventrue unto his destruction. I realize that my request is outside the realm of normal channels and graciously accept any punishment deemed fit by addressing Tai-Pan Pedder in this semi-direct manner.

Terrance Kincaid

Directorate Executive Officer, Cincinnati Branch, Mid-West regional

Harpy of Cincinnati

Status (5)

Acknowledged, Respected, Honorable, Influential, Well-Known

Prestige (3)

Ambitious, Dedicated, Respected

032800-165 Follow Protocol

To: Clan Ventrue

From: His Celestial Eminence, Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 28 March 2000

Re: Directive 032800-165 / Follow Protocol

One so young does not deserve a bite so sharp.

By disrespecting the age and name of Justicar Masako, you disrespect my own. We are Elders. Our power is rooted in obedience. Obedience we shall have.

Terry Jessup, Whip of Madison County, Illinois, you will send me your fangs or present yourself to Her Excellency to attend Her private justice.

If a thing cannot be done right, it is better off not being done at all.

Only a Justicar may contest the will of another Justicar. Elevate a petition signed by a preponderance of the Directorate to my office and I shall champion the will of the Clan in private council with Her Excellency.

Use these rules to your advantage. Use this situation to your advantage. Prosper and grow strong.

Please correct me if I am wrong but isn't it more than a little difficult to be both justicar and prince? The princes night to night duties make it damned difficult to travel to the extent that justicars and archons both need to do in order to fulfill thier duties to our way of life. If there isn't a law about this there ought to be in my opinion. If there is Miss Masako is either justicar or prince. She shouldn't be allowed to hold both positions. (I'll not be telling that to her face,though if I can possibly avoid it) It is simply a matter of trying to do to many things at once, none of them are done to the highest standard we should hold our leaders to. If they are unable/unwilling to maintain those standards they have to be replaced with someone that can/wil.. Now I'll never be the one to say Madam Masako is incabable of any one job, however I will be more than willing to state my belief that the two she holds now are inconpatible to each other at best. Thats my humble oppionion.

Terry Jessup Whip Madison County Il.

031200-163 On the Masquerade

A bum dressed in tattered furs bumps into each Chairperson of the Ventrue Directorate at a vulnerable and unexpected moment out on the town -- entering or exiting a limo or building; while hunting, perhaps; or in the midst of a high society function. The person is quite obviously deranged and down on their luck. But in a very clear voice they look at you and say "Could've killed ya, just then." At which point, you or your security people no doubt beat the bum into unconsciousness or send them on their way. Later on that evening, you realize that something has been slipped into your pocket: a small prism, on which is enscribed the following message in miniscule print requiring heightened senses (or a really powerful magnifying glass) to read.

To: Clan Ventrue

From: Justicar Pedder

Re: Directive 031200-163

Until Masako's edict is lifted, it stands. Avoid contact with all other supernaturals. Encourage your enemies to do so and see them executed for their arrogance.

The prism is cut in such a fashion that turning it near a light source always produces a different display of colors. And as you turn it over and over in your hands, you realize how Garou are capable of looking like any ordinary mortal; an unseen menace waiting to strike, or appearing out of thin air from their spirit realms. "How wise of the Justicars," you think to yourself, "to implement a policy so beneficial to the Camarilla." But then again, how do you know that's really your own thought? How do you know the Justicar isn't implanting thoughts in your mind at this very moment without your knowledge? "That's ridiculous," you think to yourself, "My mind is too strong to be so easily manipulated."

030200-161 Archon Saragassi

To: The Camarilla

From: Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 2 March 2000

Re: Directive 030200-161

I hereby strip my Archon, Anthony Saragassi of Clan Brujah, of all status save acknowledged for his recent failure in matters of Tradition.

021100-159 Genevieve Penn

Each Ventrue receives notice through the normal cryptic Pedder channels to gather on the roof of the tallest building in their respective domains tonight between Midnight and 12:30 am. (Which would tecnically make it Saturday morning, yes?) The exact building is specified in the letter. If your chronicle meets tonight -- bump the date forward or backwards to an open date. At some point in that 30 minute window, an Astrally Projecting figure would appear hovering in midair above the roof and out of the sight line of neighboring buildings. All are Archons or Ventrue Elders affiliated with the Tai Pan. They deliver the following message

"Heinrich Stuhlman of Clan Ventrue has been diablerized. Genevive Penn is the lead suspect. Find the killers and bring them to justice should they live or bring proof that this matter is at an end and you shall be rewarded. A moment of silence will be observed on this 11th night of February in memory of our loss each year until the sun grows cold. That is all."

Ventrue who gather in Kenosha and Chicago will have the message delivered by the Justicar himself in full Majesty as the building seems to tremble under the shocks of thunder and lightning that herald his appearance. (Chimestry)

020200-157 Accounting

To: The Directorate

From: Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 2 February, 2000

Ventrue sires maintain a close relationship with childer; aiding where appropriate, intervening when necessary. It is our tradition, a tradition that has fallen into neglect in these modern nights. Prepare a collective recommendation by March 31, 2000 on what, if anything, needs to be done. Prince Alaistair Murdoch of Cincinnati will moderate the debate.

Shevlagn, Babbage, Florent; learn from these mistakes.

013100-156 House Malice

Senior members of the North American Directorates receive this message. Other Directorates hear the information second-hand. While out in public (feeding, attending Elysium, going about business) a whooping crane flies low and drops a blackened monkey paw at your feet. As the crane flies off, you can see a broad, thin gold chain attached to its leg bearing the Tai Pan's seal. The monkey paw has been seared with fire and has a flash-paper scroll in its hand. The scroll reads as follows:

To: Directorates of North America

From: Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 31 January 2000

Re: Directive 013100-156/House Malice

Do as you will to them. Do not violate the traditions.

011600-151 Blood Hunts

To: The Camarilla

From: Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 16 January 2000

There have been a number of inquires to the Justicarate on the issue of Blood Hunts. Rudimentary, common sense, childe proof provisions are attached below. Learn them. The era of "oops" is at an end. Those who misuse the Hunt will die. You are each responsible for maintaining a global conspiracy to keep six billion mortals ignorant of our existance. Act in accordance with that responsibility.


When in doubt, don't. When certain, wait. When called, finish.


Never send a boy to do a man's job.


If the explaination is longer than the declaration, the hunt is most likely invalid.

011500-150 Giovanni

Each Directorate is sent a package from Victoria Shipping with multiple postmarks on the exterior. Worked into one of the postmarks is a copy of Pedder's seal. The return address is Ponce de Leon, Florida. Inside each package are copies of a gardening handbook "Weeds: Preventive Gardening " with sufficent copies ensuring one book for each Ventrue. Also included is one black and white photograph of a cemetary overrun with kudzu vines, probably somwhere in the southern United States (crafts-3). A bottle of toxic strength weed killer (by Pentex no less!) is included. By apply the number of letters in kudzu (5) to the list of chemical ingredients on the bottle, the following message is revealed

"He who can give a thing has power. He who has given is powerless. Prune your gardens. Let no weeds take root. The Italians have mobilized."

122199-138 Duncan Locke

A packet of legal documents is FedExed to the front companies of the junior members of the Directorate. One of the pages is blank. If examined with heightened senses, the following imprinted message will be revealed

"This office has no intentions of ruling on this matter at this time. You are free to advise Locke as you wish. Succeed and Advance. -- Pedder"

121499-134 Cole Shevlagn

OOC: Passed verbally through the secretaries and gossips of the Ventrue Directorate:

"Did you hear about Pedder's new directive #121499-134? He slapped down Cole Shevlagn of Fargo. Considered him a bit too ambitious. (OOC: stripped of prestige) Now Shevlagn has to get the Directorate of the MidWest organized and unified or Pedder's going to be really pissed."

"Can I get a copy of that directive?"

"It should be in central files."

"How are we supposed to keep central files if Pedder keeps sending his edicts on stone tablets, visions, and delicate rice paper?"

(Elder walks into the boardroom.)

"So I definately think we should buy at that price, don't you?"

"Oh, definitely."

121499-132 Pedder's Embrace Night Party

the following information is passed through informal verbal channels from Ventrue to Ventrue. As it constitutes gossip, it will shortly thereafter pass into the Toreador rumor mill and from there, the Nosferatu.

Any prestige or status awards are dependent on the approval of your ST's. If the prestige would conflict with limits set in your individual chronicle, feel free to disregard and accept a verbal commendation instead. Toreador and Nosferatu are cc'd on this message to reflect their roles in social mongering and information gathering. This information is not coming from Ligadier.

"Did you hear about what happened at Justicar Pedder's Embrace Night party? Quite the lavish affair. No one's saying where it was held but everyone had a wonderful time. The had to set aside a seperate warehouse for the gifts! I heard someone sent him a yacht."

"Somone had the temerity to send him a pair of shoes. Can you imagine the gall! But the Tai Pan just smiled. I think he was actually quite pleased...or maybe he was just faking it."

"Was anyone singled out for praise? Hmmm. Let me see if I can remember the list...."

These announcements are internal clan prestige only. "Patricia Jean Stone was announced to be most DEDICATED. Her choice of gift confirmed it. She's been attracting a bit of attention lately. I wonder if this bodes well for her...."

"Sexton Hardcastle, Prince of Northern Virginia was announced to be WISE. He apparently has adopted the Justicar's love for cryptography. Smart career move on his part."

"Tenete Francisco of Brazil is also considered to be DEDICATED. Rumor has it that the Justicar may have plans to make him a lorekeeper for the Ventrue."

"Washington Bandeira, also of Brazil, is considered GENEROUS. His choice of gift confirmed it. The Justicar just loves useful presents...."

"Sebastian Crosse, Prince of DC, now there was a scandal. Apparently his present was the favorite out of all those received by Justicar Pedder, but one of the Elders pointed out the precedent that sending torpored bodies for an Embrace Night is considered bad form. The Justicar had to limit his choice to commending the wisdom (WISE) of Prince Crosse."

"There was another scandal with Prince Raimond Dulac. Apparently some of the other Elders thought that Prince Dulac's ostentatiousness made them look bad. You should have seen the number of gifts he sent. All of them really quite top-notch. In order to appease the assembled guests -- most of them bound together so tightly in owed debts and blood bonds that one scandal could have started a world-wide Kindred war -- Justicar Pedder reluctantly scaled back his praise and announced that Prince Dulac is to be considered GENEROUS."

"Then came a small ring with a simple inscription that brought a sad tear to the Justicar's eye. No one knows who sent it and the Justicar said nothing, but all the Kindred are talking about the mysterious gift giver."

"Finally, the Justicar, as has been his tradition, announced the recipient of his most special favor for the best Embrace Night present of all. The announcement raised quite a few eyebrows. As you know, the recipient of the Justicar's special favor is not only elevated in Kindred society, but great things are expected of them from that night on. It's considered a bit of a mixed blessing. (One wag called it "The Hot Seat.") Remind me to tell you the stories some time...."

"For selfless generosity and wisdom beyond years,

for understanding of family, power and respect,

OOC: This is a status award.

Victor Stein, Primogen of Clan Ventrue in Cleveland, has been granted the STATUS of PRAISED."

(OOC: If the ST's in Cleveland approve, let me know and I'll send an appropriately stuffy announcement to the OWBN-Cam list.)

(OOC: I leave it to the Ventrue PC's to ponder the order the announcements were made, the Toreador PC's to speculate on what gifts were given, and the Nosferatu to wonder where all the loot is being stored.)

121499-131 Proposed Directive

The original document was introduced by Pedder in London.. Copies are forwarded from the European Directorates to North America, Brazil and the South Pacific.

To: The Ventrue Directorate

From: His Most Celestial Eminence And Most Exalted Highness Tai Pan and Justicar, Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 14 December 1999

The following is presented for consideration and argument by the Membership. If approved, the directive will be entered into the canon of customs and traditions governing the behavior of the Membership:

"No reasonable deathbed request of any Ventrue can be denied."

Final arguments and voting shall be concluded by 14 January 2000. Prince Raimond H. Dulac of the Domain of Champaign, Illinois, USA, will chair the discussions and be tabulate voting from North America, Brazil, and the South Pacific.

It is my will.

121399-130 The Camarilla Does Not...

Directive 121399-130

OOC: Hand delivered by secure courier.

To: The Ventrue Directorate

From: His Celestial Eminence and Most Exalted Highness Tai Pan and Justicar, Robert Pedder of Clan Ventrue

Date: 13 December 1999

Few are the opportunities for the young to advance within our Great Society. I provide the following as a test of your creativity. Let no Ventrue question the generosity of their Elders.

Be bold. Be noble. Restore peace to our Great Society.

121299-128 Loyalty

Each Chairperson of the National Ventrue Directorate is notifed by phone of a package that has arrived for them at the nearest airport's International Terminal. The package is a coffin that has been routed through Hawaii International Airport by way of Hong Kong, sealed in a metal container. Each coffin has been cleared by customs. The cargo manifest will list the deceased as the brother of the Chairperson notifed. (Or in the case of female Chairpersons, a sister.) The point of origin is Victorian Shipping (one of Pedder's front companies). The signatory for release is Margaret Hyde-Thorton (one of Pedder's false identies).

A security scan will show no bombs or tracking devices. None of the coffins have been opened by customs. All are intact. If searched, each coffin contains the body of dead, mortal Asian man. Ligature marks around the neck suggest death by hanging. Each corpse is dressed in a finely tailored suit with a barely wilted lilly in their lapel. Pennies are over the eyes. If the corpse is stripped and searched, a secure plastic hook will be found embedded in the chest and fused with the bone -- sufficent to suspend the corpse from. On the back torso of the corpse is a series of Mandarin Chinese characters carved into the flesh. If translated, they read as follows:

"From This Night Until the End of Time

Any Ventrue caught betraying Clan or Sect secrets to the Sabbat will suffer Final Death.

Any Ventrue accused of betraying Clan or Sect secrets to the Sabbat will suffer Fire and the Sword.

Any Ventrue caught betraying Clan secrets to other clans will suffer Pain.

Any Ventrue accused of betraying Clan secrets to other clans will suffer Shame.

Any Ventrue caught bearing false witness against his Clan will suffer the Fate of the Accused.

Any Ventrue accused of bearing false witness against his Clan will suffer Ordeal.

So Let It Be Written. So Let It Be Done."

Pedder's Seal is branded into the flesh just above the tail bone

OOC: As Clan Ventrue comprises a number of lawyers and bureucrats, I leave it up to each of you how these laws are implemented and interpreted. Have fun with it. Distribution and presentation to the membership of the Directorate is up to the judgment and humanity of the individual chairpersons.

121299-126 San Francisco

A rice paper scroll is delivered to each of the Chairpersons of the Ventrue Directorate. It is wrapped in a red and gold embroidered silk ribbon and sealed with red wax bearing Pedders seal (the Chinese symbols of duty and honor inside a circle). The courier is a male, Asian, eunuch ghoul apparently 30 years of age. When the scroll is unrolled, 4 sticks of incense will be found inside along with the following message:

"Lords of the Night: Where the servants quarrel, the house is weak.

Where the Buddah sits, Heaven and Earth meet. He sees far that sits on mountains.

Where does the wind come from, asked the old man in the storm.

Where there is friendship, the heart takes strength.


His Most Celestial Eminence and Most Exalted Highness,

Tai Pan and Justicar,

Robert Pedder"

In the London Financial Times the next night there is an article on the 5th page that deals with Fung Shui (OOC: the Chinese art of furniture placement for harmonious living.) One of the paragraphs has the word "where" repeated 4 times. Starting with the fourth letter in every word of that paragraph and then continuing through to the end, the following message is revealed:

"My interdiction on San Francisco is lifted. Include them in your councils and add their strength to your own."

The article on Fung Shui deals with how Hong Kong businessmen are using incense to clean negative energy from their boardrooms and offices in preparation for the Millenium using incense and Fung Shui practices. The article includes step by step instructions on how other businessmen can do so if they are so inclined.

On the fourth page of the Times are 4 seperate articles about wasting disease in the old, Nepal, the after affects of La Nina on the world economy, and mens' fitness magazines. If a 4 key crytogram is run through each of the articles the following (false) message is revealed:

"Guil works against our interests in the Midwest. Consolidate our efforts against her operatives. Let the trading boards suffer our displeasure."

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