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Directorate Mid-West US
Position Deceased
Player Cinda Leech



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Apparent Age: 40's, looking more appropriately aged in mortal company with the help of Disguise.

Death Night: January 1st

Concept: Altered over time and experience from hotel concierge caregiver to manipulative negotiator and professional appraiser.

Physical description: Tall but not mannish, Abigail appears less beautiful than merely handsome as her femininity is worn on broad cheekbones, a squarish jaw and heavy Scottish eyebrows (though they may be artificially shaped into more appealing arches than genetics would have gifted her - effectively 2 app).  She uses her hereditary features in a unique manner.  Mortals that look upon her might find themselves wondering why there seems to be something unsettling about her - re: Humanity 2.  She purposefully uses heavy makeup around her eyes (as if to disguise the evidence of age-defying surgery) and has a wide bowed upper lip (see Maureen O'Hara, Rita Hayworth, Katherine Hepburn).  Her auburn hair is slowly lightening over the decades, a spur of blonde-white appearing above her left temple as if the loss of pigmentation is too much to keep up with.

Character Information Abigail acts more modern than her teachings, accepting chivalry when offered but never expecting it as if it were her due.  She fits into the old boys' club so long as the boys allow her to, even tolerating a certain amount of chauvinism.  Biting her tongue, she is prepared to pull the same weight as any member of her clan, even to the point of bodily risk.  She is conservative in risk assessment, generous in friendship, a miser in money management but never an extortionist.

Directorate History

  • Aedile of Madison & St. Clair Counties, Illinois
  • Eiren of Madison & St. Clair Counties, Illinois, upon her return from a one year sabbatical to Europe
  • Praetor of Southern Illinois & St. Louis, Missouri - 2008 - 2012

Award History

Societies History


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  • Alexander (4) [382 BC]
  • Demitrius (5) [213]
  • Rhiothamus (6) [476]
  • Charlemange (7) [814]
  • (8)
  • (9)
  • (10)
  • (11)
  • (12)


  •  ?
  •  ?



Character Inspirations



  • Made by others upon seeing Abigail Connor rapidly approach the scene of a scuffle, "Look out, it's Abi!" as if they were about to be in trouble.
  • Made by her during a visit to Springfield, Illinois, before an independent Setite and the Camarilla citizens, "I'm such a bad influence! *chuckle* And that's the only time in my existence you are going to hear me say that."
  • Made by her upon the kidnapping of citizens by Sabbat, "Leggo my bitches!" Later, this command was explained to have been constructed by her with the particular audience in mind - determining the Sabbat members to be lowlife scum with little in the way of English skills or proper etiquette.


  • She is deceased.
  • She cares for her retainers and employees like family.
  • She uses retainers up, throwing them away when they've served their purpose.
  • She keeps horses and owns about a dozen businesses locally, including the stables.
  • She loves the opera, playing golf and chess, but isn't going to shy away from a good cigar.
  • She's stuck in the 80's, all that blue polyester, those massive shoulder pads, the heavy make-up.
  • She had a hand in the design of the Fairview Heights Elysium, the Adams' Memorial Museum & Library.
  • She holds the domain's riot gear and battle supplies like a quartermaster, most of it having weird purple and gold designs.
  • She loves to make deals - financial negotiations, betting on roulette, horse races, trading a car for a new toy… where does it end?
  • She once got mad and made Kindred torpor by glaring at them.
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